Personal Structures/ Intra-Actions Installation


Video “Folds of Stone” (with Lisa Truttmann) as Part of Multimedia Installation Center for Didactics of Art and Interdisciplinary Education.
Palazzo Mora, Venice Biennial

Intra-Actions: Existence is not an individual matter


The spatial installation Intra-Actions. Existence is not an individual matter at Palazzo Mora is the contribution of the Center for Didactics of Art and Interdisciplinary Education of the University of Applied Arts Vienna to the Academic Biennale di Venezia 2022, curated by the European Cultural Center.
The installation was developed collaboratively with staff, alumni and students of the Center for Art Didactics and Interdisciplinary Education, staff of the Science Visualization Lab (Prof. Alfred Vendl), students of the Digital Art Department (Prof. Ruth Schnell), and alumni of the University of Applied Arts from various departments, as well as cooperation partners.

As a quantum physicist, Barad raises interesting questions not only for physics, but also for art, design, technology. Her work engages with both the human and the non-human, including apparatuses of whatever kind. She considers things not in their singularity, but in their interdependence, calls this method Intra-Actions. A multi-particle system of quantum physics – which as a whole assumes a well-defined state without being able to assign each of the subsystems its own state – is applied to humanity and expresses a new way of interpreting Interdisciplinarity. Intra-Actions show the Entanglement of people and nature, the material and the artificial. According to Barad individuals do not exist prior to their interactions, but emerge through and as part of their intertwined internal relationships. Understanding this approach, it becomes clear that entangling with the Other describes the absence of one’s own existence, for existence is not an individual matter.

The installation shows an ongoing approach towards the most diverse positions on the theme Time, Space and Existence. It expresses an Agential Realism, which stands for the growing awareness that we cannot separate culture, materiality, technology, nature and existence. It consists of a burnt tree whose branches are connected via cables and whose only remaining leaves are screens. The screens show selected positions of artists’ works. The organic structure of the wood in connection with technology and digitalization is also metaphoric. In relation to the digital content shown on the screens, there are ongoing intra-actions between tree and screens. The space installation draws attention to both the interconnections of deforestation, climate change and the exploitation of energy resources, and to the importance of art in this context. Here, art, as a seismograph of society, implies the power of renewal. A fragrance gives positive vibes and hope for the future and with pieces of coal for drawing on the walls, everyone can become involved.

Realization: C. Gröbner, P. Scharler, M. Bachinger, R. Mateus-Berr, S. Bösker

Folds of Stone/ Experimental Video by Nicole Krenn & Lisa Truttmann
Folds of Stone/ Experimental Video by Nicole Krenn & Lisa Truttmann

All participants:

Ruth Mateus-Berr (Project Lead), Manuel Cyrill Bachinger, Pamela Bartar, Sophie Bösker, Andreas Broger, Barbara Brunmair, Christina Carli, Lio Ebenstein, Wagner Felipe dos Santos, Dietmar Flosdorf, Magdalena Marie Friedl, Harald Friedl, Julia Fromm, Martina Fröschl, Lara Girotto, Natascha Gerold, Eva Greisberger, Constantin Gröbner, L. Vanessa Gruber, Agnes Haider, Ida Hausner, Helmut Hlavacs, Maurício Ianês, Fares Kayali, Lisa Kielmeier, Heinrich Kovar, Eva König, Nicole Krenn, Anita Lawitschka, Moritz Matschke, Cori Maués, Igor Lintz-Maués, Aneta Luberda, Lukács Lászlo, Ferdinand Nagele, Irina Nalis, Heinrich Viktor Nagy, Pavel Naydenov, Shahab Nedaei, Ivan Pantelić, Verena Plutzar, Wolfgang Renner, Franz Reisecker, Ursula Reisenberger, Gabriela Urrutia Reyes, Rosa Roedelius, Elke Roesler, Bernd Rohrauer, Pia Scharler, Michaela Schober, Tatia Skhirtladze, Sabina Taschner-Mandl, Eleni Tomazou, Lisa Truttmann, Alfred Vendl, Raphael Vorraber, Christina Weiler, Heliane Wiesauer-Reiterer, Ruth Zimmermann, Romana Zöchling